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December 22, 2014

(Name withheld)
(Address withheld)
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

RE:  EB-FIELDNER-14-00017061

Dear Mr. (Name withheld):

The Federal Communications Commission has previously notified you by letter August 21, 2014, that it has received complaints of harmful radio interference that is apparently caused by an electrical or electronic device being operated from your residence.  The level of this noise is particularly high and appears to be controlled by a timer that is set to a daily cycle. It covers a relatively wide area is strong enough that the Commission would clearly consider it to be harmful interference. It is also consistent with something such as a lighting device.

In this letter, you were advised that this problem, if unresolved, could be a violation of Commission rules and could result in a monetary forfeiture.   For that reason, the Commission encouraged you to resolve this problem without Commission intervention. If necessary to facilitate resolution, however, the Commission noted that it may investigate possible rules violations and address appropriate remedies.  You were further advised that you had 30 days from the date of this letter to resolve the interference and report back to this office.    While you did respond to this office on September 24, 2014 issuing a blanket denial that you were the cause of the interference, as of early December the reported interference continues.

Given the fact this case has been ongoing for an extended period of time without resolution, and that you have had ample time to locate and correct the cause of this problem, you are directed to respond to the undersigned within 20 days of receipt of this letter.  In this letter, you are further directed to detail what steps you are or have taken to resolve this problem.  Please be aware that should this interference problem not be resolved within those 20 days, this office will forward the matter to our local field office for follow up.  At that time, the local field office will visit your location to determine the source(s) of the interference and assist you with possible solutions to the interference.  

Please send your response to this office at the following address: 1270 Fairfield Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325.  


					Laura L. Smith
					Special Counsel 
					Enforcement Bureau

cc:  	Denver Field Office
Western Regional Director