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  Archived Maps of All Full-Service Digital Television Stations Authorized by the FCC

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The information below is provided for archive purposes only.

Archived Maps of All Full-Service Digital Television Stations Authorized by the FCC

The FCC has issued updated coverage maps for all full-service TV stations. The maps show each station's digital TV coverage as compared to its analog TV coverage (except for those stations that did not have an analog facility in operation in October 2008 when the data was collected for mapping). These maps are updates of the TV coverage maps issued by the Commission on December 23, 2008, which were based on station records as of October 3, 2008; the new maps show digital coverage based on station records as of April 30, 2009.

The methodology description explains how the maps were developed and provides several sample maps. The maps are based on standard engineering techniques used by the FCC to predict coverage. Except as explained below, two maps are provided for each station, one showing predicted digital coverage on June 13, 2009, the day after the deadline for the DTV transition, and the other showing predicted post-transition digital coverage based on granted construction permits for authorized transmitter facilities that will be built after June 13, 2009. There are maps for all stations that have both a licensed analog and a digital facility and for all stations that have digital-only operations. In addition, nationwide maps are provided showing coverage for the ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and PBS networks.

Based on these updated maps, we have also revised the Signal Loss Report listing stations predicted to lose 2% or more of their analog viewers when transitioning to digital. There are 401 stations on this new list. The new list includes 55 stations not included in the original list and excludes 19 stations previously included. The two lists showing the stations added to and removed from the Signal Loss Report are provided separately.

Signal Loss Report
  • Signal Loss Public Notice: Word | Acrobat
  • Signal Loss Report: Excel | Acrobat
  • Stations added to the Signal Loss Report: Excel | Acrobat
  • Stations removed from the Station Loss Report: Excel | Acrobat
  • Shape Files Associated with Coverage Maps: Zip File
    These shapefiles were used to prepare the DTV coverage maps released June 5, 2009, showing the predicted digital service of every full power television broadcast station as of the day after the DTV transition. The shapefiles were prepared from an April 30, 2009, extraction of the Commission’s Consolidated Database for Broadcast Services, and do not necessarily represent the current operating status of the stations. Neither the maps nor the shapefiles are being updated and no support is provided on their use.
Network Maps
Coverage Maps for All Designated Market Areas

Archived December 23, 2008 Map Books

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