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  W238CD        MI COLDWATER                 USA                                       FX   LIC 

Licensee: MIDWEST COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Service Designation: FX Translator Station (retransmits signal, different channel than main station) Channel/Class: 238D Frequency: 95.5 MHz Licensed File No.: BLFT-20120113AEB     Facility ID number: 156715 CDBS Application ID No.: 1482794

   41° 54' 34.00" N Latitude  
   85° 00' 21.00" W Longitude (NAD 27)  
 41.909444    -85.005833    Site in Canadian Border Zone    Distance to Border: 153.0 km
  Polarization:    HorizontalVertical
  Effective Radiated Power (ERP):0.250.25kW ERP
  Antenna Height Above Average Terrain:  69.0.meters HAAT -
  Antenna Height Above Mean Sea Level:    362.362.meters AMSL
  Antenna Height Above Ground Level:    54.54.meters AGL
Non-Directional Antenna ID No.: 107541    Pattern Rotation: 0.0 Antenna Make: - Antenna Model: - No. of antenna sections: - Additional Individual Tower Information from the Antenna Structure Registration database. (Use the Registration Number link for detailed information.)
Overall Height
Above Ground
Overall Height
Above Mean Sea
Level (meters)
NAD 83 Tower Coordinates
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NAD 27
Latitude Longitude
1240875 307.8 58.2 366.0 41°54' 34.5"  W  85° 0' 21.3"  To NAD27
FAA: FAA Study No. 2003-AGL-4894-OE FAA: Obstruction / Airport Airspace searches

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