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How Big Are Satellites?

Satellites come in all sizes. Some satellites are built by amateur operators and can be very small, less than one cubic foot!

Photo of Echo Amsat
Courtesy of The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation. All rights reserved.

Other satellites are much larger. Modern communications satellites can weigh up to six tons and be the size of a small school bus. In order to give some idea of the size of modern communications satellites, here are some pictures of communications satellites as they are being built. Looking at the people in the pictures can give you an idea of the size of the satellites!

Scale Image of satellite clean room
Courtesy of Satellite Industry Association and Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems. All rights reserved.
BSS Galaxy III

Courtesy of Boeing Satellite Systems. All rights reserved
indostar image

Courtesy of Orbital Sciences Corp. All rights reserved.
Loral Telstar image
Courtesy of Space Systems/Loral. All rights reserved.
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