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March 12, 1998

Statement of FCC Chairman William Kennard
On FCC Approval of V-Chip Ratings and Manufacturer's Standard

The FCC's decisions today to approve the TV Parental Guidelines and implement V-chip requirements will give parents the tools and power to make their own decisions about television programs they do not feel are appropriate for their children.

While the ability to program the V-chip on their television sets to block programs with specific ratings will be helpful to all American parents, it will be particularly useful for working parents who can't always be present to monitor the TV watching of their children.

I commend the many children's advocacy groups and television industry groups, particularly the NAB, NCTA, and MPAA for working cooperatively to produce the rating system combining content-based and age-based information that we are formally approving today.

I also commend Congress for its foresight in passing the V-Chip legislation, and providing the leadership and guidance on this issue for the FCC and the public.

I urge the television manufacturers to move forward quickly to implement the V-chip manufacturing standard we are adopting today so that this very important parental tool will soon be available in new TV sets.

I encourage the many organizations that have participated in this process to continue to provide valuable input into the effectiveness of the ratings system.

- FCC -