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Speeches of
William E. Kennard

12/4/00 "Building New Crossroads for the Information Age"
Budapest Business Journal Conference
Budapest, Hungary
11/20/00 "ITU-D: The Opportunity Alliance"
ITU Development Symposium for Regulators
Geneva, Switzerland
11/15/00 "From Boxes to Bottlenecks"
Fall 2000 Session of the
National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
San Diego, CA
10/10/00 "What Does $70 Billion Buy You Anyway?"
Rethinking Public Interest Requirements at the Dawn of the Digital Age
Museum of Television and Radio
New York, NY
10/5/00 "Spectrum: The Space Odyssey"
Industrial Telecommunications AssociationW
Washington, DC
9/28/00 "ITTI 2000: Fulfilling the Promise"
Indian Telecom Training Initiative
St. Paul, Minnesota
9/22/00 "Connecting the Globe: The Asia - Pacific Initiative"
Confederation of Indian Industry
New Delhi, India
9/13/00 "NABOB 2000: Reflections and Challenges"
National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters
Washington, DC
9/12/00 "Internet Telephony: America Is Waiting"
Voice Over Net Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
8/1/00 "The Africa Development Initiative: One Year and Counting"
AFCOM 2000 Conference
Fair Lakes, Virginia
7/24/00 "Regulation 2000"
Summer 2000 Session
National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
Los Angeles, CA
7/3/00 "Building Curb Cuts on the Information Highway"
National Association of the Deaf
Norfolk, Virginia
6/19/00 "The Americans With Disabilities Act: Lessons for the Virtual World"
The 10th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Torch Relay
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, California
6/5/00 "The Great Equalizer"
Supercomm 2000 International Dinner
Capital City Club
Atlanta, Georgia
5/16/00 Launch of Odyssey V-Chip PSA
Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C.
5/13/00 "The Challenge To Generation D: Beyond The Color Line"
Commencement Address
Howard University
Washington, D.C.
5/9/00 "Lessons from the Front: When is Pulling the Plug the Right Answer?"
National Cable Television Association
New Orleans, Louisiana
4/11/00 "Broadcasting and Digital: The Best of Two Futures"
National Association of Broadcasters
Las Vegas, Nevada
3/14/00 "Connecting the Globe: The Latin America Initiative"
Lima, Peru
2/28/00 "Wire Less Is More"
Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association
New Orleans, Louisiana
2/14/00 "The New York Story: Ain't No Stopping Us Now"
New York Law Journal and New York City Bar Association
New York, New York
2/8/00 "Telecommunications @ the Millennium: The Telecom Act At Four"
"Hot Links to an Open Society"
The National Press Club
Washington, D.C.
2/4/00 "Connecting the Globe"
George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia
1/28/00 "Internet: The American Experience"
Conference on "Internet & Telecommunications: The Stakes"
Paris, France
1/27/00 Spanish Internet Conference Address
Madrid, Spain
1/19/00 "The FCC's New Enforcement Ethic"
Competitive Carrier Summit 2000
Conference on Current U.S. Telecom Policy
Washington, D.C.
1/14/00 "E-Rate: A Success Story"
Educational Technology Leadership Conference - 2000
Council of Chief State School Officers
Washington, D.C.
1/7/00 "IPTV: From the Vast Wasteland to the Vast Wonderland"
Consumer Electronics Show
Las Vegas, Nevada

12/16/99 "Broadband Cable: Next Steps"
California Cable Television Association
Los Angeles
12/9/99 "Fostering Competition in a Converging World"
Practicing Law Institute/Federal Communications Bar Association
Policy and Regulations Conference
Washington, DC
12/1/99 "Building a Second Curb Cut"
United Nations International Day of Disabled Persons
Washington, DC
11/22/99 Bismarck Field Hearing
Bismarck State College
Bismarck, North Dakota
11/15/99 "The New Frontier: Civil Rights in the Twenty-First Century"
Executive Committee,
Presidents Committee on Employment of Persons with Disabilities
Washington, DC
11/10/99 National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
San Antonio, Texas
11/8/99 U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
Mergers in the Telecommunications Industry
11/4/99 "MarketĘSense"
FCC-FTC Truth-in-Advertising Public Forum
Washington, DC
10/18/99 "Competition and Deregulation: Striking the Right Balance"
United States Telecom Association Annual Convention
San Francisco, California
10/14/99 "Turning the Clock Ahead"
White House Media Briefing on Disability Employment Awareness Month
10/5/99 "FCC 2000 "
Georgetown University Law Center
Washington, D.C.
9/29/99 "Outlines Plan to Create Global Information Infrastructure"
9/23/99 "Vision to Mission: A Blueprint for Architects of the Global Information Infrastructure"
World Economic Development Congress
Washington, DC
9/17/99 "Consumer Choice Through Competition"
National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors 19th Annual Conference
Atlanta, GA
9/13/99 "Being First is Not Enough"
National Association of Minorities in Cable
New York, New York
9/2/99 "A New Tomorrowland"
National Association of Broadcasters
Radio Show
Orlando, Florida
8/11/99 "Unleashing the Potential: Telecommunications Development in Southern Africa"
Annual General Meeting
Telecommunications Regulators Association of Southern Africa
Gaborone, Botswana
7/28/99 "A Rising Tide: La Raza in the New Millennium"
National Council of La Raza
Houston, TX
7/19/99 NARUC
7/20/99 "The Unregulation of the Internet: Laying a Competitive Course for the Future"
Federal Communications Bar, Northern California Chapter
San Francisco, CA
7/15/99 "Defining Vision"
Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc. Convention
Seattle, WA
6/17/99 "Back to the Future: Renewing the Tax Certificate for the Information Age"
Citizenship Education Fund
New York, NY
6/15/99 "The Road Not Taken: Building a Broadband Future for America"
National Cable Television Association
Chicago, Illinois
6/2/99 AFCOM '99 Conference
Arlington, VA
5/17/99 National Consumers League
Washington, DC
5/5/99 EdLiNC Press Conference
Washington, DC
5/4/99 Annenberg Public Policy Center Conference on Internet and the Family
Washington, DC
5/3/99 "A Competitive Call to Arms"
Association of Local Telecommunications Services (ALTS) Convention
Nashville, TN
4/28/99 "Giving Voice to the Voiceless"
Five Points Media Center Tribute Dinner
Denver, CO
4/20/99 "From the Vast Wasteland to the Vast Broadband"
National Association of Broadcasters
3/24/99 "Television in the Digital Age"
Variety/Schroders Media Conference
New York, NY
3/19/99 Consumer Federation of America Annual Conference
Washington, DC
3/16/99 " Entertaining and Responsible TV"
"Through the Eyes of Children" Conference
North Hollywood, CA
3/11/99 "A Stable Market, A Dynamic Internet"
Legg Mason
Washington, DC
2/23/99 "Moving On"
NARUC Winter Meeting
Washington, DC
2/22/99 "Selling Advertisers on Serving All Americans"
The American Advertising Federation
New York, N.Y.
2/10/99 "A Networked Future for all Americans"
National Telephone Cooperative Association Annual Meeting
San Antonio, TX
2/9/99 "Crossing Into The Wireless Century"
CTIA Convention
New Orleans, LA
2/8/99 "The Telecom Act at Three: Seeing the Face of the Future"
Comptel 1999 Annual Meeting and Trade Exposition
Atlanta, GA
2/4/99 "Thinking Like a Consumer"
1999 AARP National Legislative Council Meeting
Washington, D.C.
1/29/99 "Overcoming Obstacles to Telephone Service to Indians on Reservations"
Public Hearing on Telephone Service to Indians on Reservations
Albuquerque, New Mexico
1/18/99 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Observation
Boston, MA
1/13/99 The Screening of Selma Lord Selma
Washington, DC

12/5/98 Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc. Gala
Gallaudet University
Washington, D.C.
12/2/98 "Mastering Opportunity"
National Black Media Coalition
Master Communicators Awards Luncheon
Washington, D.C.
11/24/98 MLK Library Event
11/16/98 "Dawn of Digital Television" Summit Meeting
Washington, D.C.
11/11/98 National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
Orlando, Florida
10/16/98 NAB Radio Convention
Seattle, Washington
10/13/98 "UNIVERSAL ACCESS : Carpe Diem: Seizing Opportunities in the Global Marketplace"
Regulators' Breakfast
ITU Plenipotentiary Conference
Minneapolis, Minnesota
10/1/98 Georgetown University Law Center Continuing Legal Education Seminar
"The New FCC"
Washington, D.C.
9/25/98 Radio-Television News Director Association Annual Convention
San Antonio, Texas
9/23/98 Personal Communication Industry Association of America
Orlando, Florida
9/15/98 International Radio and Television Society
New York, NY
9/11/98 American Women in Radio and Television
Washington, DC
9/9/98 "African Telecommunications: A Partnership for Progress"
Seventh All-Africa Telecommunications, Information Technology, Trade & Investment Conference
Philadelphia, PA
8/3/98 National Urban League
Philadelphia, PA
7/30/98 National Association of Black Journalists
Washington, DC
7/27/98 National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
Seattle, Washington
7/13/98 "Thinking Ahead"
NAACP 1998 Annual Convention
Telecommunications Forum
Atlanta, GA
6/24/98 "A Broad(Band) Vision for America"
Federal Communications Bar Association
6/21/98 U.S Conference of Mayors
Reno, Nevada
6/17/98 Congressional Economic Leadership Institute Luncheon
5/17/98 Commencement Address at Southampton College of Long Island University
Southampton, NY
5/15/98 "Bridging the Digital Divide"
NAACP Board of Trustees
Baltimore, MD
5/5/98 National Cable Television Association
Atlanta, GA
4/27/98 USTA's Inside Washington Telecom
Washington, DC
4/16/98 Educom, Networking '98
Washington, DC
4/7/98 "An Era of Opportunity"
National Association of Broadcasters
Las Vegas, Nevada
3/23/98 "Building a Global Information Community for the 21st Century"
Second World Telecommunication Development Conference
Valletta, Malta
3/16/98 "Creating Conditions for Positive Change"
Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
Chicago, IL
3/12/98 Legg Mason "Telecom Investment Precursors" Workshop
Washington, DC
3/8/98 American Foundation for the Blind and the
American Council of the Blind
1998 Josephine L. Taylor Leadership Institute
Washington, DC,br.,/font
2/26/98 "Connecting All Americans" Conference
Department of Commerce
Washington, DC
2/23/98 CTIA WIRELESS 98
Atlanta, GA
2/16/98 Virginia High-Technology Partnership Program
Library of Virginia
Richmond, VA
2/9/98 National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates
Washington, DC
1/20/98 Visit to Alice Harte Elementary School
New Orleans, Louisiana
1/19/98 35th Annual National Association of Television Program Executives Conference
New Orleans, Louisiana
1/12/98 "Keeping America Connected"
Organization for the Promotion and Advancement of Small Telephone Companies
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

12/11/97 Practicing Law Institute
Washington, DC
11/10/97 Annual Convention of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
Boston, Massachucetts

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