2014 Media Bureau
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DOC-329966BROADCAST STATION TOTALS AS OF SEPTEMBER 30, 201410/16/2014 DOC-329966A1.doc DOC-329966A1.pdf DOC-329966A1.txt  
DOC-329649FCC ELIMINATES SPORTS BLACKOUT RULES. Order Removes Unnecessary and Outdated Regulations09/30/2014 DOC-329649A1.docx DOC-329649A2.docx DOC-329649A3.docx DOC-329649A4.docx DOC-329649A5.docx DOC-329649A6.docx DOC-329649A1.pdf DOC-329649A2.pdf DOC-329649A3.pdf DOC-329649A4.pdf DOC-329649A5.pdf DOC-329649A6.pdf DOC-329649A1.txt DOC-329649A2.txt DOC-329649A3.txt DOC-329649A4.txt DOC-329649A5.txt DOC-329649A6.txt  
DOC-328173FCC MOVES TO ENSURE ONLINE VIDEO CLIPS ARE ACCESSIBLE TO AMERICANS WHO ARE DEAF OR HARD OF HEARING. New Rules Will Require Captioning of Certain Online Video Clips Beginning in 201607/11/2014 DOC-328173A1.docx DOC-328173A2.docx DOC-328173A3.docx DOC-328173A4.docx DOC-328173A5.docx DOC-328173A1.pdf DOC-328173A2.pdf DOC-328173A3.pdf DOC-328173A4.pdf DOC-328173A5.pdf DOC-328173A1.txt DOC-328173A2.txt DOC-328173A3.txt DOC-328173A4.txt DOC-328173A5.txt  
DOC-328096BROADCAST STATION TOTALS AS OF JUNE 30, 201407/09/2014 DOC-328096A1.pdf DOC-328096A1.txt  
DOC-327100FCC ADOPTS RULES FOR FIRST EVER INCENTIVE AUCTION; WILL MAKE AVAILABLE ADDITIONAL AIRWAVES, INCREASE COMPETITION FOR MOBILE BROADBAND. Voluntary Incentive Auction part of the FCC's efforts to meet the demand for spectrum; Will provide05/15/2014 DOC-327100A1.docx DOC-327100A2.docx DOC-327100A3.docx DOC-327100A4.docx DOC-327100A5.docx DOC-327100A6.docx DOC-327100A1.pdf DOC-327100A2.pdf DOC-327100A3.pdf DOC-327100A4.pdf DOC-327100A5.pdf DOC-327100A6.pdf DOC-327100A1.txt DOC-327100A2.txt DOC-327100A3.txt DOC-327100A4.txt DOC-327100A5.txt DOC-327100A6.txt  
DOC-326518BROADCAST STATION TOTALS AS OF MARCH 31, 201404/09/2014 DOC-326518A1.docx DOC-326518A1.pdf DOC-326518A1.txt  
DOC-326347FCC TAKES ACTION TO IMPROVE RETRANSMISSION CONSENT PROCESS. New rule will help curtail a practice that has put upward pressure on cable costs03/31/2014 DOC-326347A1.docx DOC-326347A2.docx DOC-326347A3.docx DOC-326347A4.docx DOC-326347A5.docx DOC-326347A6.docx DOC-326347A1.pdf DOC-326347A2.pdf DOC-326347A3.pdf DOC-326347A4.pdf DOC-326347A5.pdf DOC-326347A6.pdf DOC-326347A1.txt DOC-326347A2.txt DOC-326347A3.txt DOC-326347A4.txt DOC-326347A5.txt DOC-326347A6.txt  
DOC-326350FCC ADOPTS TV JSA ATTRIBUTION RULES, BEGINS 2014 MEDIA OWNERSHIP QUADRENNIAL REVIEW, AND PROPOSES BENEFITS FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS. Actions Will Help Protect Consumers and Preserve Local Broadcasting03/31/2014 DOC-326350A1.docx DOC-326350A1.pdf DOC-326350A1.txt