2013 Media Bureau
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FCC-13-162SPORTS BLACKOUT RULES. Proposed to eliminate the Commission's sports blackout rules12/18/2013 FCC-13-162A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-13-162A1.docx FCC-13-162A1.pdf FCC-13-162A1.txt  
DA-13-2391POST-TRANSITION TABLE OF DTV ALLOTMENTS, OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA. Proposed substituting channel 23 for channel 51 for KSBI-TV, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma12/16/2013 DA-13-2391A1_Rcd.pdf DA-13-2391A1.doc DA-13-2391A1.pdf DA-13-2391A1.txt  
DA-13-2229FM TABLE OF ALLOTMENTS, BRUCE, MISSISSIPPI. Proposed to substitute Channel 284A for Channel 233A at Bruce, Mississippi11/22/2013 DA-13-2229A1_Rcd.pdf DA-13-2229A1.doc DA-13-2229A1.pdf DA-13-2229A1.txt  
DA-13-2129POST-TRANSITION TABLE OF DTV ALLOTMENTS, TELEVISION BROADCAST STATIONS, BIRMINGHAM, AL. Proposed the substitution of channel *39 for *10 for WBIQ(TV)11/06/2013 DOC-324040A1_Erratum.docx DA-13-2129A1_Rcd.pdf DA-13-2129A1.doc DA-13-2129A1.pdf DA-13-2129A1.txt  
DA-13-2105FM TABLE OF ALLOTMENTS, TOHATCHI, NEW MEXICO. Proposed the Amendment of the FM Table of Allotments to Channel 268C2 at Tohatchi, New Mexico11/01/2013 DA-13-2105A1_Rcd.pdf DA-13-2105A1.docx DA-13-2105A1.pdf DA-13-2105A1.txt  
FCC-13-139REVITALIZATION OF THE AM RADIO SERVICE. Proposed to Revitalize the AM Broadcast Radio Service, and to Solicit Further Comments and Suggestio10/31/2013 FCC-13-139A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-13-139A1.docx FCC-13-139A2.docx FCC-13-139A3.docx FCC-13-139A1.pdf FCC-13-139A2.pdf FCC-13-139A3.pdf FCC-13-139A1.txt FCC-13-139A2.txt FCC-13-139A3.txt  
FCC-13-123AMENDMENT OF SECTION 73.3555(E) OF THE COMMISSION'S RULES, NATIONAL TELEVISION MULTIPLE OWNERSHIP RULE. Commenced a proceeding to consider elimination of the UHF discount in the Commission's national tele09/26/2013 FCC-13-123A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-13-123A1.docx FCC-13-123A2.docx FCC-13-123A3.docx FCC-13-123A4.docx FCC-13-123A1.pdf FCC-13-123A2.pdf FCC-13-123A3.pdf FCC-13-123A4.pdf FCC-13-123A1.txt FCC-13-123A2.txt FCC-13-123A3.txt FCC-13-123A4.txt  
DA-13-1794FM TABLE OF ALLOTMENTS, HEBER SPRINGS, AR. Proposed Amendment to the FM Table of Allotments for Channel 270C3 at Heber Springs, AR08/23/2013 DA-13-1794A1_Rcd.pdf DA-13-1794A1.doc DA-13-1794A1.pdf DA-13-1794A1.txt  
DA-13-1577POST-TRANSITION TABLE OF DTV ALLOTMENTS, TELEVISION BROADCAST STATIONS, CEDAR RAPIDS, IA. Proposed substitution of channel 29 for 51 for KGAN(TV)07/16/2013 DA-13-1577A1_Rcd.pdf DA-13-1577A1.doc DA-13-1577A1.pdf DA-13-1577A1.txt  
DA-13-1377FM TABLE OF ALLOTMENTS, PORT LIONS, ALASKA; DE BEQUE, COLORADO; AND BENJAMIN, CISCO, RULE, AND SHAMROCK, TEXAS. Proposed the deletion of six vacant allotments in various communities in Alaska, Colorado, and Texas06/14/2013 DA-13-1377A1_Rcd.pdf DA-13-1377A1.doc DA-13-1377A1.pdf DA-13-1377A1.txt  
FCC-13-77ACCESSIBILITY OF USER INTERFACES, AND VIDEO PROGRAMMING GUIDES AND MENUS. Began implementation of Sections 204 and 205 of the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Ac05/30/2013 FCC-13-77A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-13-77A1.docx FCC-13-77A2.docx FCC-13-77A1.pdf FCC-13-77A2.pdf FCC-13-77A1.txt FCC-13-77A2.txt  
DA-13-867FM TABLE OF ALLOTMENTS, MORAN, TEXAS. Proposed to amend FM Table of Allotments by alloting Channel 281A as a first local service at Moran,04/26/2013 DA-13-867A1_Rcd.pdf DA-13-867A1.doc DA-13-867A1.pdf DA-13-867A1.txt  
DA-13-313FM TABLE OF ALLOTMENTS, EHRENBERG, ARIZONA. Proposed to substitute Channel 228C2 for vacant Channel 286C2 at Ehrenberg, AZ04/19/2013 DA-13-313A1_Rcd.pdf DA-13-313A1.doc DA-13-313A1.pdf DA-13-313A1.txt  
DA-13-316FM TABLE OF ALLOTMENTS, MATAGORDA, TEXAS. Proposed the substitution of FM Channel 291A for 252A, Matagorda, Texas03/01/2013 DA-13-316A1_Rcd.pdf DA-13-316A1.doc DA-13-316A1.pdf DA-13-316A1.txt  
DA-13-160DTV TABLE OF ALLOTMENTS, SEAFORD, DELAWARE AND DOVER, DELAWARE. Proposed deleting channel 5 at Seaford and substituting channel 5 at Dover02/13/2013 DA-13-160A1_Rcd.pdf DA-13-160A1.doc DA-13-160A1.pdf DA-13-160A1.txt  
DA-13-95AMENDMENT OF FM TABLE OF ALLOTMENTS, PEARSALL, TEXAS. Proposed the Amendment of the Table of Allotments for this community01/25/2013 DA-13-95A1_Rcd.pdf DA-13-95A1.doc DA-13-95A1.pdf DA-13-95A1.txt