2013 International Bureau
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DOC-326398GAMMA ACQUISITION LLC. 2013 Annual Report10/21/2013 DOC-326398A1.pdf DOC-326398A1.txt  
DOC-326438NEW DBSD SATELLITE SERVICES, G.P.. 2013 Annual Report10/21/2013 DOC-326438A1.pdf DOC-326438A1.txt  
DOC-326400IRIDIUM CONSTELLATION LLC. Redacted 2013 Annual Report10/15/2013 DOC-326400A1.pdf DOC-326400A1.txt  
DOC-32639395 LICENSE SUBSIDIARY LLC. 2013 Annual Report07/01/2013 DOC-326393A1.pdf DOC-326393A1.txt  
DOC-326395DISH OPERATING LLC. 2013 Annual Report07/01/2013 DOC-326395A1.pdf DOC-326395A1.txt  
DOC-326399INTELSAT LICENSE LLC. Redacted 2013 Annual Report07/01/2013 DOC-326399A1.pdf DOC-326399A1.txt  
DOC-326439SES AMERICOM, INC, SES SATELLITES(GIBRALTAR) LIMITED AND NEW SKIES SATELLITES B.V.. Redacted 2013 Annual Report07/01/2013 DOC-326439A1.pdf DOC-326439A1.txt  
DOC-326440SIRIUS XM RADIO INC., SATELLITE CD RADIO LLC AND XM RADIO LLC. 2013 Annual Report07/01/2013 DOC-326440A1.pdf DOC-326440A1.txt  
DOC-326443SPECTRUM FIVE LLC. Redacted 2013 Annual Report07/01/2013 DOC-326443A1.pdf DOC-326443A1.txt  
DOC-326394DIRECTV ENTERPRISES, LLC. 2013 Annual Report06/28/2013 DOC-326394A1.pdf DOC-326394A1.txt  
DOC-326397ECHOSTAR SATELLITE OPERATING CORPORATION. 2013 Annual Report06/26/2013 DOC-326397A1.pdf DOC-326397A1.txt  
DOC-326392EUTELSAT AMERICA CORP.. Redacted 2013 Annual Report06/25/2013 DOC-326392A1.pdf DOC-326392A1.txt  
DOC-326442SKYNET SATELLITE CORPORATION. Redacted 2013 Annual Report06/25/2013 DOC-326442A1.pdf DOC-326442A1.txt  
DOC-326444STAR ONE S.A.. 2013 Annual Report06/25/2013 DOC-326444A1.pdf DOC-326444A1.txt  
DOC-326445VIASAT INC.. Redacted 2013 Annual Report06/25/2013 DOC-326445A1.pdf DOC-326445A1.txt  
FCC-13-80FCC REPORT TO CONGRESS AS REQUIRED BY THE ORBIT ACT: FOURTEENTH REPORT. Congress enacted the ORBIT Act in March 2000 to promote a competitive market for satellite communica06/07/2013 FCC-13-80A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-13-80A1.docx FCC-13-80A2.docx FCC-13-80A1.pdf FCC-13-80A2.pdf FCC-13-80A1.txt FCC-13-80A2.txt  
DOC-3205452011 INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS DATA (FILED AS OF OCTOBER 31, 2012). The Federal Communications Commission's annual report on telecommunications service between the Unit04/26/2013 DOC-320545A1.pdf DOC-320545A1.txt