2013 International Bureau
FCC/DA#Title/DescriptionReleased DateRelated Links
FCC-13-111COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW OF LICENSING AND OPERATING RULES FOR SATELLITE SERVICES. FCC Streamlines Licensing and Operating Rules for Satellite Services 08/09/2013 FCC-13-111A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-13-111A1.docx FCC-13-111A2.docx FCC-13-111A3.docx FCC-13-111A4.docx FCC-13-111A1.pdf FCC-13-111A2.pdf FCC-13-111A3.pdf FCC-13-111A4.pdf FCC-13-111A1.txt FCC-13-111A2.txt FCC-13-111A3.txt FCC-13-111A4.txt  
FCC-13-50REVIEW OF FOREIGN OWNERSHIP POLICIES FOR COMMON CARRIER AND AERONAUTICAL RADIO LICENSEES UNDER SECTION 310(B)(4) OF THE COMMUNICATIONS ACT OF 1934, AS AMENDED. FCC Streamlines and Overhauls its Foreign Ownership Review Under 310(b) of the Communications Act.04/18/2013 FCC-13-50A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-13-50A1.docx FCC-13-50A2.docx FCC-13-50A3.docx FCC-13-50A4.docx FCC-13-50A5.docx FCC-13-50A1.pdf FCC-13-50A2.pdf FCC-13-50A3.pdf FCC-13-50A4.pdf FCC-13-50A5.pdf FCC-13-50A1.txt FCC-13-50A2.txt FCC-13-50A3.txt FCC-13-50A4.txt FCC-13-50A5.txt  
FCC-13-6REPORTING REQUIREMENTS FOR U.S. PROVIDERS OF INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICE; AMENDMENT OF PART 43 OF THE COMMISSION'S RULES, SECOND REPORT AND ORDER. Revised the requirements for providers of international telecommunications to report annual traffic01/15/2013 DOC-318586A1_Erratum.docx FCC-13-6A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-13-6A1.pdf FCC-13-6A2.doc FCC-13-6A2.pdf FCC-13-6A1.txt FCC-13-6A2.txt