2012 International Bureau
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DOC-317274NEW DBSD SATELLITE SERVICES G.P. 2012 ANNUAL REPORT. 2012 Annual Report10/15/2012 DOC-317274A1.pdf DOC-317274A1.txt  
DOC-317277GLOBALSTAR 2012 ANNUAL REPORT. Redacted 2012 Annual Report. Report Number: 2012 Annual Report10/15/2012 DOC-317277A1.pdf DOC-317277A1.txt  
DOC-317308IRIDIUM CONSTELLATION LLC 2012 ANNUAL REPORT. 2012 Redacted Annual Report. Report Number: 2012 Annual Report10/15/2012 DOC-317308A1.pdf DOC-317308A1.txt  
DA-12-1334INTERNATIONAL COMPARISON REQUIREMENTS PURSUANT TO THE BROADBAND DATA IMPROVEMENT ACT/INTERNATIONAL BROADBAND DATA REPORT. by THIRD REPORT08/21/2012 DA-12-1334A1_Rcd.pdf DA-12-1334A1.pdf DA-12-1334A2.xls DA-12-1334A3.xls DA-12-1334A4.xls DA-12-1334A2.pdf DA-12-1334A3.pdf DA-12-1334A4.pdf DA-12-1334A1.txt DA-12-1334A2.txt DA-12-1334A3.txt DA-12-1334A4.txt  
DOC-315642TRENDS IN THE INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY: SUMMARY THROUGH 2010. This report traces U.S.-international traffic and revenue trends from 1980 through 201008/07/2012 DOC-315642A1.pdf DOC-315642A1.txt  
FCC-12-69FCC REPORT TO CONGRESS AS REQUIRED BY THE ORBIT ACT THIRTEENTH REPORT. This Annual Report to Congress is submitted in accordance with the requirements of the ORBIT Act whi07/03/2012 FCC-12-69A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-12-69A1.doc FCC-12-69A1.pdf FCC-12-69A1.txt