2012 International Bureau
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FCC-12-161REVISIONS TO PARTS 2 AND 25 OF THE COMMISSION'S RULES TO GOVERN THE USE OF EARTH STATIONS ABOARD AIRCRAFT COMMUNICATING WITH FIXED-SATELLITE SERVICE GEOSTATIONARY-ORBIT SPACE STATIONS, ET AL. Provided for the efficient licensing of two-way in-flight broadband services, including Internet acc12/28/2012 FCC-12-161A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-12-161A1.doc FCC-12-161A2.doc FCC-12-161A1.pdf FCC-12-161A2.pdf FCC-12-161A1.txt FCC-12-161A2.txt  
FCC-12-125REFORM OF RULES AND POLICIES ON FOREIGN CARRIER ENTRY INTO THE U.S. TELECOMMUNICATIONS MARKET. Proposed changes to the criteria under which we consider certain applications from foreign carriers10/11/2012 FCC-12-125A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-12-125A1.doc FCC-12-125A1.pdf FCC-12-125A1.txt  
FCC-12-118EXPANDING THE ECONOMIC AND INNOVATION OPPORTUNITIES OF SPECTRUM THROUGH INCENTIVE AUCTIONS. Adopted item launching the broadcast television spectrum incentive auction10/02/2012 FCC-12-118A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-12-118A2_Rcd.pdf FCC-12-118A1.doc FCC-12-118A2.pdf FCC-12-118A3.doc FCC-12-118A4.doc FCC-12-118A5.doc FCC-12-118A6.doc FCC-12-118A7.doc FCC-12-118A1.pdf FCC-12-118A3.pdf FCC-12-118A4.pdf FCC-12-118A5.pdf FCC-12-118A6.pdf FCC-12-118A7.pdf FCC-12-118A1.txt FCC-12-118A2.txt FCC-12-118A3.txt FCC-12-118A4.txt FCC-12-118A5.txt FCC-12-118A6.txt FCC-12-118A7.txt  
FCC-12-117COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW OF LICENSING AND OPERATING RULES FOR SATELLITE SERVICES. Initiated a comprehensive review of Part 25 of our rules, which governs licensing and operation of s09/28/2012 FCC-12-117A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-12-117A1.doc FCC-12-117A2.doc FCC-12-117A3.doc FCC-12-117A4.doc FCC-12-117A5.doc FCC-12-117A6.doc FCC-12-117A1.pdf FCC-12-117A2.pdf FCC-12-117A3.pdf FCC-12-117A4.pdf FCC-12-117A5.pdf FCC-12-117A6.pdf FCC-12-117A1.txt FCC-12-117A2.txt FCC-12-117A3.txt FCC-12-117A4.txt FCC-12-117A5.txt FCC-12-117A6.txt