2011 International Bureau
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FCC-11-183THIRD REPORT AND ANALYSIS OF COMPETITIVE MARKET CONDITIONS WITH RESPECT TO DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES. Submitted Third Report by the Commission to Congress on the status of competition in domestic and in12/13/2011 FCC-11-183A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-11-183A1.doc FCC-11-183A2.doc FCC-11-183A3.doc FCC-11-183A1.pdf FCC-11-183A2.pdf FCC-11-183A3.pdf FCC-11-183A1.txt FCC-11-183A2.txt  
FCC-11-96FCC REPORT TO CONGRESS AS REQUIRED BY THE ORBIT ACT TWELFTH REPORT. Open-Market Reorganization for the Betterment of International Telecommunications Act (ORBIT Act) Re06/15/2011 FCC-11-96A1_Rcd.pdf FCC-11-96A1.doc FCC-11-96A1.pdf FCC-11-96A1.txt  
DA-11-732INTERNATIONAL COMPARISON REQUIREMENTS PURSUANT TO THE BROADBAND DATA IMPROVEMENT ACT, INTERNATIONAL BROADBAND DATA REPORT. International Bureau Releases Second International Broadband Data Report by SECOND REPORT05/20/2011 DA-11-732A1_Rcd.pdf DA-11-732A1.doc DA-11-732A2.xls DA-11-732A3.xls DA-11-732A1.pdf DA-11-732A2.pdf DA-11-732A3.pdf DA-11-732A1.txt DA-11-732A2.txt DA-11-732A3.txt  
DOC-305657FCC RELEASES 2009 INTERNATIONAL TRAFFIC DATA. The Federal Communications Commission released an annual report entitled 2009 International Communic04/08/2011 DOC-305657A1.pdf DOC-305657A1.txt