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This is an unofficial announcement of Commission action. Release of the full text of a Commission order constitutes official action. See MCI v. FCC. 515 F 2d 385 (D.C. Circ 1974).

March 8, 2002
Maureen Peratino at (202) 418-0506

Initiates New FCC Reform Web Site

Washington, DC – The FCC today announced that reorganization of several of the agency’s bureaus will go into effect March 25, 2002.

As part of its reform efforts to make the FCC more effective, efficient and responsive, the Commission in January announced its approval of the reorganization of several of the agency’s bureaus. Congress and the National Treasury Employees Union Local 209 also have approved the reorganization.

The bureaus affected by the reorganization are: Media Bureau (formerly the Cable Services and Mass Media Bureaus); Wireline Competitition Bureau (formerly Common Carrier Bureau); Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau (formerly Consumer Information Bureau); International Bureau; Enforcement Bureau; Wireless Telecommunications Bureau; and Office of Legislative Affairs (formerly Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs). A list of senior managers is attached.

The Commission also announced the launch of a new web site on the FCC’s reform efforts, which can be found at:

For additional information contact Mary Beth Richards at (202) 418-1514.

- FCC -


Office of the Bureau Chief (202-418-1400)
Bureau Chief – K. Dane Snowden
Associate Bureau Chief/Chief of Staff – Barbara J. Douglas
Deputy Bureau Chief (Complaints and Inquiries) – Thomas D. Wyatt
Deputy Bureau Chief (Policy) – Margaret M. Egler

Administrative and Management Office (202-418-1571)
Assistant Bureau Chief – Patricia D. Green
Deputy Assistant Bureau Chief – Gwendolyn S. Inge

Systems Support Office (202-418-2680)
Chief – Stephen Gorey

Information Access and Privacy Office (202-418-1109)
Director – Sumita Mukhoty

Consumer Inquiries and Complaints Division (202-418-2294)
Division Chief – Jack L. Forsythe
Deputy Division Chief – Sharon Bowers

Policy Division (202-418-1774)
Division Chief – Michele Walters

Disabilities Rights Office (202-418-2517; 202-418-1169 TTY)
Director – Pamela Gregory

Consumer Affairs and Outreach Division (202-418-0263)
Division Chief – Martha Contee

Reference Information Center (202-418-0267)
Director – Bill Cline


Office of the Bureau Chief (202-418-7450)
Bureau Chief – David Solomon
Deputy Bureau Chief – Linda Blair
Associate Bureau Chief/Chief of Staff – Suzanne Tetreault
Assistant Bureau Chief – John Winston
Assistant Bureau Chief – Lisa Fowlkes
Assistant Bureau Chief – Kathleen Costello

Office of Management and Resources Staff (202-418-1135)
Assistant Bureau Chief – Robert Crisman
Deputy Assistant Bureau Chief – Gregory Weiss

Investigations and Hearings Division (202-418-1420)
Division Chief – Charles Kelley
Deputy Division Chief – Paulette Laden
Deputy Division Chief – Maureen Del Duca

Market Disputes Resolution Division (202-418-7330)
Division Chief – Alexander Starr
Deputy Division Chief – Frank Lamancusa
Deputy Division Chief – Radhika Karmarkar

Technical and Public Safety Division (202-418-1160)
Division Chief – Joseph Casey
Deputy Division Chief – James Dailey
Deputy Division Chief – Ricardo Durham

Telecommunications Consumer Division (202-418-7320)
Division Chief – Colleen Heitcamp
Deputy Division Chief – Kurt Schroeder

North East Regional Director (847- 298-5405)
Director - Russell (Joe) Monie, Jr.

South Central Regional Director (816-316-1243)
Director – Dennis (Denny) Carlton

Western Regional Director (925-416-9661)
Director – Charles (Wayne) Craig


Office of the Bureau Chief (202-418-0437)
Bureau Chief – Donald Abelson
Deputy Bureau Chief – Anna Gomez
Deputy Bureau Chief – Roderick K. Porter
Associate Bureau Chief – Jacqueline M. Ponti
Associate Bureau Chief – Linda Haller
Assistant Bureau Chief – Jackie Ruff
Chief Engineer – Richard Engelman

Management and Administrative Staff (202-418-0411)
Assistant Bureau Chief – Thomas P. Sullivan
Deputy Assistant Bureau Chief – Sarah Y. Van Valzah

Policy Division (202-418-1460)
Division Chief – James L. Ball
Deputy Division Chief – Breck Blalock
Deputy Division Chief – Claudia Fox
Deputy Division Chief (Operations) – George S. Li

Satellite Division (202-418-0719)
Division Chief – Thomas S. Tycz
Deputy Division Chief – Cassandra Thomas
Deputy Division Chief – Fern Jarmulnek

Strategic Analysis and Negotiations Division (202-418-2150)
Division Chief – Kathryn O’Brien
Deputy Division Chief – John Deasy
Deputy Division Chief – John Giusti


Office of the Bureau Chief (202-418-7200)
Bureau Chief – W. Kenneth Ferree
Special Counsel/Chief of Staff – Deborah E. Klein
Deputy Bureau Chief – William H. Johnson
Deputy Bureau Chief – Robert H. Ratcliffe
Associate Bureau Chief – Rick C. Chessen
Associate Bureau Chief – Barbara S. Esbin
Associate Bureau Chief – Marjorie R. Greene
Associate Bureau Chief – Sarah E. Whitesell

Management and Resources Staff (202-418-7200)
Assistant Bureau Chief – Janet S. Amaya
Deputy Assistant Bureau Chief – Ann E. Morgan
Deputy Assistant Bureau Chief – Michael E. Teaney

Office of Broadcast License Policy (202-418-2600)
Chief – Roy J. Stewart

Audio Division (202-418-2700)
Division Chief – Peter H. Doyle
Deputy Division Chief – Nina Shafran

Video Division (202-418-1600)
Division Chief – Barbara Kreisman
Deputy Division Chief – James J. Brown

Office of Communications and Industry Information (202-418-7200)
Chief – Michael S. Perko

Policy Division (202-418-2120)
Division Chief – Mary Beth Murphy
Deputy Division Chief – Steven A. Broeckaert
Deputy Division Chief – John B. Norton

Industry Analysis Division (202-418-2330)
Division Chief – Royce D. Sherlock
Deputy Division Chief – Mania K. Baghdadi
Deputy Division Chief – Marcia A. Glauberman

Engineering Division (202-418-7200)
Division Chief – John P. Wong
Deputy Division Chief – Michael L. Lance


Office of the Bureau Chief (202-418-0600)
Bureau Chief – Thomas Sugrue
Deputy Bureau Chief – Gerald Vaughan
Deputy Bureau Chief – James Schlichting
Deputy Bureau Chief – Kathleen O’Brien Ham
Associate Bureau Chief/Chief of Staff – Catherine Seidel

Management and Planning Staff
Assistant Bureau Chief – Bonnie Westbrook (202-418-1469)
Deputy Assistant Bureau Chief – Lois Jones (202-418-1487)

Auctions and Industry Analysis Division (202-418-0660)
Division Chief – Margaret Wiener
Deputy Division Chief (Legal) – Kelly Quinn
Deputy Division Chief (Operations) – Louis Sigalos

Commercial Wireless Division (202-418-0620)
Division Chief – William Kunze
Deputy Division Chief – Roger Noel
Deputy Division Chief – Kathy Harris
Deputy Division Chief – Jeffrey Steinberg

Data Management Division (717-338-2510)
Division Chief – John Chudovan
Deputy Division Chief – Walter Boswell

Policy Division (202-418-1310)
Division Chief – Kris Monteith
Deputy Division Chief – Blaise Scinto
Deputy Division Chief – Jared Carlson

Public Safety and Private Wireless Division (202-418-0680)
Division Chief - D'Wana Terry
Acting Division Chief - Barry Ohlson
Deputy Division Chief – Ramona Melson
Deputy Division Chief – Herbert Zeiler
Deputy Division Chief – Jeanne Kowalski


Office of the Bureau Chief (202-418-1500)
Bureau Chief – Dorothy Attwood
Senior Deputy Bureau Chief – Jeffrey Carlisle
Deputy Bureau Chief – Carol Mattey
Associate Bureau Chief – Jane Jackson
Associate Bureau Chief/Chief of Staff – Richard Lerner
Assistant Bureau Chief – Jeffrey Dygert
Assistant Bureau Chief – Diane L. Griffin

Administrative and Management Office (202-418-1370)
Assistant Bureau Chief – Joseph Hall

Competition Policy Division (202-418-1580)
Division Chief – Michelle M. Carey
Deputy Division Chief – Gregory M. Cooke
Deputy Division Chief – Thomas J. Navin
Deputy Division Chief – Brent M. Olson

Pricing Policy Division (202-418-1520)
Division Chief – Tamara L. Preiss
Deputy Division Chief – Clifford M. Rand
Deputy Division Chief – Deena M. Shetler
Deputy Division Chief – Jacques S. Zinman

Telecommunications Access Policy Division (202-418-7400)
Division Chief – Katherine L. Schroder
Deputy Division Chief – Eric N. Einhorn
Deputy Division Chief – Mark G. Seifert
Deputy Division Chief – Sharon L. Webber

Industry Analysis and Technology Division (202-418-0940)
Division Chief – Peyton Wynns
Deputy Division Chief – Thomas J. Beers
Deputy Division Chief – Alan I. Feldman
Acting Deputy Division Chief – Cathy H. Zima