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RHCC Selects Price Waterhouse to Assist Universal Service Support Program for Rural Health Care Providers

Washington, D.C.-The Rural Health Care Corporation (RHCC) announced today that it has chosen Price Waterhouse, LLP to provide support services for the universal service support program for rural health care providers.

Representatives of RHCC and Price Waterhouse stated that the user support center which will answer questions and assist users in completing the applications will be operational by March 15, 1998. The web site will become operational by the end of March which will coincide with the date applications can be accepted.

RHCC was established in September 1997 to help implement the Federal Communications Commission's May 1997 Universal Service Order, which seeks to ensure that public and non-profit rural health care providers have access to the global tele- communications network necessary for the provision of health care services at rates comparable to those paid for similar telecommunications services in urban areas.

Lee E. Bailey, President of RHCC, stated, "RHCC reviewed a number of proposals submitted in response to a Request For Proposals issued in late 1997. The Corporation is extremely pleased with our selection. The Board and Officers are confident price Waterhouse will provide us with the tools needed to move this program forward."

Price Waterhouse partner Ann Hopkins stated that she and her team are committed that the user support service and web site will be operational on time and in a cost effective manner. Ms. Hopkins further stated, "We look forward to working as RHCC's partner to make this program a success."

Until the user support center is operational on March 15, information on the program can be obtained from the Corporation's Temporary Customer Support Line on (202) 467-8356 between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. (EST).