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DA 01-604
Released: March 7, 2001

Operating Support Systems: Today's and
the Next Generation's Networks

The Office of Engineering and Technology will host a tutorial on operating support systems (OSS) Thursday, March 15 at 9:30 in the Commission Meeting Room (TWC-305), 445 12th Street, S.W., Washington, D.C.

At the tutorial, Steve Cohen, Vice President for Solutions Design at Telcordia Technologies, will provide an overview explaining what operating support systems are, how they function in telecommunications networks, and what they will do in the future.

Mike Schwartz, Telcordia Technologies' Executive Director and Chief Strategist for Operations Solutions, will then discuss today's backoffice OSS and what will be needed for OSS in future networks.

Next, Arlene Ryan, Manager of Business Development for Interconnection Solutions, will focus on how OSSs are related to Interconnection today and in the future.

Finally Rich Fialkoff , Executive Director of Customer Care and Billing Solutions at Telcordia, will discuss OSSs in front offices (the customer side) both now and in the future.

Members of the public are encouraged to attend this tutorial. Admittance, however, will be limited to the seating available in the Commission meeting room. Please allow sufficient time for clearance through Commission security before the seminar begins. The audio portion of this conference will be broadcast live on the Internet via the FCC's Internet audio broadcast page at http://www.fcc.gov/realaudio. Additional information concerning this tutorial may be obtained from Kent Nilsson at the FCC at 202-418-0845 (e-mail:knilsson@fcc.gov), TTY 202-418-2989.