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DA 01-2465
October 29, 2001


The FCC's Consumer Information Bureau (CIB) announces that telecommunications carrier registration information will now be available to the public online at http://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/cib/form499/499a.cfm. This will make it easier for consumers and carriers to access pertinent contact and/or background information on telecommunications carriers that they are, or will be, doing business with. Specifically, consumers and carriers will now be able to view such things as the carrier's business name(s) and primary address(es), names and business addresses of certain of the carrier's officers, the carrier's regulatory contact and/or designated agent for service of process, all names under which the carrier has conducted business in the past, and the state(s) in which the carrier is certified to provide telecommunications service.

Currently, all new and existing telecommunications carriers providing interstate telecommunications service are required to file FCC Form 499-A in April of each year. The registration information is collected on behalf of the FCC by the National Exchange Carrier Association ("NECA"). Among other things, this registration requirement enables the Commission to (1) monitor the entry of carriers into the interstate telecommunications marketplace, (2) keep entities that are unqualified from entering or remaining in the telecommunications marketplace, and (3) have a means of tracking and contacting carriers that may be engaged in "slamming," the illegal practice of changing a consumer's telephone service without permission.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT: Brock Fekken, Consumer Information Bureau (Gettysburg), 717-338-2725, E-mail: bfekken@fcc.gov or James Lande, Enforcement Bureau, 202-418-0948, E-mail: jlande@fcc.gov, FCC, 445 12th Street, SW, Washington, D.C. 20554.