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January 19, 2001

Consumer/Disability Telecommunications Advisory Committee

Executive Director

Shirley L. Rooker, President, Call For Action (CFA)

Ms. Rooker has been fighting fraud and raising public awareness as an activist and consumer educator for CFA since 1976. She was elected president of CFA in 1989, and under her direction CFA has produced several award-winning consumer brochures. It also has provided free, confidential consumer hotline services for those who have no other recourse. CFA has been an accessibility advocate and has made its offices, phone lines and website accessible to people with disabilities. Ms. Rooker has worked closely with the White House, the FTC and the FCC on consumer issues. She has been cited as a consumer expert by the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN, AP and CNBC. She serves on the Consumer Literary Consortium and the Alliance Against Fraud in Telemarketing, and has a BA in Psychology, with distinction, from George Washington University.


  1. Rayna Aylward
    Executive Director
    Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation

  2. Brenda Battat
    Acting Executive Director
    Self Help for Hard of Hearing People

  3. Daniel Brenner
    Senior Vice President for Law and Regulatory Policy
    National Cable Television Association

  4. Julie Carroll
    Senior Policy Advisor
    Information Technology Technical Assistance and Training Center
    Georgia Institute of Technology

  5. Robert E. Chrostowski
    Senior Vice President
    Iwatsu America, Inc.,
    Telecommunication Industry Association

  6. Michael F. DelCasino
    Regulatory Division Manager

  7. Nanci Linke-Ellis
    Executive Director
    TRIPOD Captioned Films

  8. Richard T. Ellis
    Director – Federal Affairs
    Verizon Communications

  9. Maricela Gallegos
    Disability Program Manager
    Hewlett-Packard Company

  10. Joseph C. Gaskins
    ConnectBid, LLC

  11. Larry Goldberg
    Media Access Group
    WGBH Educational Foundation

  12. Susan Grant
    Vice President – Public Policy
    National Consumers’ League

  13. Judith E. Harkins, Ph.D.
    Gallaudet University

  14. Dahlia E. Hayles
    Media and Telecommunications Project
    Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and Citizen Educational Fund

  15. Steve Jacobs
    IDEAL at NCR, NCR Corporation

  16. Vernon R. James
    Executive Director
    Health and Human Services
    San Carlos Apache Tribe

  17. Matt Kaltenbach
    Product Manager, Regulatory Services,
    Technical Standards and Customer Features
    Ericsson, Inc.

  18. Jeff Kramer
    Legislative Representative for Telecommunications and Utilities
    Federal Affairs Department

  19. Andrew Lange
    Special Assistant to the CEO
    Communication Service for the Deaf

  20. Lila Laux Ph.D.
    Lead Engineer
    Human Factors Engineering
    Qwest Communications International, Inc.

  21. Milton J. Little, Jr.
    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
    National Urban League

  22. Paul W. Ludwick
    TRS Product Manager
    Sprint Corporation

  23. Ken McEldowney
    Executive Director
    Consumer Action

  24. Belinda Nelson
    General Manager
    Gila River Telecommunications, Inc.

  25. Shelley Nixon
    College Student
    Cabrini College

  26. Kathleen F. O'Reilly
    Attorney at Law

  27. Susan Palmer
    Manager, Industry Affairs
    Cingular Wireless, LLC

  28. David Poehlman
    Technology Consultant
    American Council of the Blind

  29. Dr. Refugio I. Rochin
    Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives
    Smithsonian Institution

  30. Laura Ruby
    Regulatory Program Manager
    Microsoft Corporation

  31. Paul Schroeder
    Alliance for Public Technology

  32. Bob Segalman, Ph.D.
    California Department of Rehabilitation

  33. Pam Stewart
    TRS Contract Administrator
    State of Maryland

  34. Jim Tobias
    Inclusive Technologies

  35. Micaela Tucker
    Team Leader, Accessibility Project
    Nokia, Inc.

  36. Judith Viera
    Consumer Action Network

  37. Karen Walls
    Senior Staff Associate
    Telecommunications Research & Action Center

  38. Andrea Williams
    Assistant General Counsel
    Cellular Telecommunications