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Brief and Affidavits in Support of
Application by Bellsouth for Provision of In-Region, Interlata Services in Louisiana
CC Docket No. 97-231

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Commission Denies Application | Chairman Kennard's Statement
FCC 98-17, CC Docket No. 97-231
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List of Affidavits

# Affidavit Subject
1 George F. Agerton BST Section 272 Compliance
2 Guy L. Cochran BST Section 272 Compliance
3 Richard J. Gilbert Public Interest Test
4 John R. Gunter Public Interest Test (Impossibility of Technical Discrimination)
5 Jerry A. Hausman Public Interest Test*
6 David Hollett Checklist Compliance (Billing Systems)
7 Victor E. Jarvis BSLD Section 272 Compliance
8 David A. Kettler Manufacturing Relief
9 W. Keith Milner Checklist Compliance
10 D. John Roberts Public Interest Test (No Risk of Predatory Pricing)*
11 Richard L. Schmalensee Public Interest Test*
12 William N. Stacy Checklist Compliance (Operations Support Systems)
13 William N. Stacy Checklist Compliance (Performance Measures)
14 Alphonso J. Varner Checklist Compliance and BST Section 272 Compliance
15 Glenn A. Woroch Public Interest Test
16 Gary M. Wright Local Competition

* Affidavits marked with an asterisk were originally filed with the Commission on September 30, 1997, as part of the Application by BellSouth Corporation, BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc., and BellSouth Long Distance, Inc., for Provision of In-Region, InterLATA Services in South Carolina, FCC Docket No. 97-208.

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